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About us

Production Step

1.Produced cast iron blanks 

2. Rough hanging / rolling cleaning 

3.The 1st time Selection of defective products

4. Polishing the edge and debur

5. Fine steel ball Cleaning

6.The 2nd time Selection of defective products

7. Vegetable oil treatment / enamel coating processing 

8.The 3rd time selection of defective products again

9. pre-packaging to pallet

10.Fine packaging, sorting into box ,trays (The 4th time Pick out defective products again during the packing process)

11.Storage and Stick labeling 

12.According to customers Sweep the shipping mark and load the container

13. Shipping and delivery  .

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Contact Us

Contact: Daniel

Phone: +86 132 3113 3119

Tel: +86 311 68035650

E-mail: sales@hbykcookware.com

Add: Baixiang County, Xingtai, Hebei Province, China.